Cingular Finds Success Through Partnership with Synchronoss Technologies, Inc.

October 2, 2006

Automated Platform in Place for Delivery of New Services
Synchronoss Exceeds Service Level Agreements (SLA)

BRIDGEWATER, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 2, 2006--Synchronoss Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:SNCR) today released a customer success story documenting how the Synchronoss ActivationNow Platform helped Cingular Wireless reduce their per online customer transaction costs, gain greater visibility into their e-commerce channel, and put in place an automated platform for the delivery of new services.

The ActivationNow software platform automates, synchronizes and simplifies electronic service fulfillment and order management of advanced wireless, IP and wireline services across communication service provider networks. Cingular selected Synchronoss Technologies as their partner of choice after their merger with AT&T Wireless which was completed in late 2004.

Specifically, Cingular needed a solution that would serve to partner with their business objectives in their e-commerce channel. The solution was deployed in phases starting in late 2004, eventually providing automation across all business to consumer and all business to business e-commerce transactions.

Key Results:

  • Increased efficiencies: With ActivationNow, Cingular's e-commerce ordering process has evolved into a true, fully automated customer self-service platform. By automating these previously manual processes, Cingular was able to lower their total costs per transaction.
  • Scalability: Cingular online customer transactions grew dramatically between 2005 and 2006. The ActivationNow platform had proven that it can not only easily scale to meet the growing volumes, but also scale to automate additional business processes.
  • Time to Market with New Services: With the deployment of the solution, Cingular has in place a flexible, agnostic platform on which they can roll out new, high value services to their consumer and business customers.
  • Visibility: The ActivationNow Workflow Manager has streamlined the procurement processes, reducing many of the costs and time impediments that often delay the delivery of products and services to end users.

"One of the cornerstones of working with Synchronoss Technologies is their consultative approach," said Bob Steelhammer, vice president, e-Commerce, Cingular Wireless. "At every step of the way, from the initial planning, through deployment, to on-going support, Synchronoss has insured that the goals of the program are fully aligned with our business objectives and metrics."

"This partnership is just another example of Cingular's forward thinking and deep understanding of customer self service enablement in the wireless markets," said Stephen G. Waldis, president and CEO of Synchronoss Technologies. "The impressive results we continue to achieve in our partnership with Cingular support our move 'up the stack' from providing improved operational efficiencies through into the realm of enabling service providers to rapidly deliver new, revenue driving services."

"Service providers are continuing to move towards converged service offerings and better leveraging their e-commerce channel to improve the customer experience while reducing the cost of delivering service," said Shira Levine, senior research analyst, IDC. "However, the challenge they face in maximizing their ROI is not only creating compelling consumer-facing offers, but also insuring that the systems required to support these offers are fully integrated and automated."

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